hi i'm ruesha ⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。

i also go by riti B i'm 16, desi, and lesbian. i use they love prns j

notesif we're close you can use she her pronouns on me. please don't make tuts or give out free copies of my carrd designs, thank uuu D

likes C wonyoung C, coding, making crds, h3gc, lehengas, mehendi, pll, bujo, fashion, polaroids & more D



rules main/priv; req is okay regardless if public or priv D i probably won't accept you if we don't have some common interests. i dislike blinks, orbits, miracles, stays, atinys, & teumes. do not req if under 14 or over 19, a terf or radfem, part of mcyttwt, or a zionist.


faves bts gidle sabrina raveena izone ive

music lesserafim, txt, twice, newjeans, apink, snsd, faouzia, fana hues, shreya ghoshal, heize, madison beer, melanie martinez, dove cameron, arijit singh, & more D

media pll: original sin, pretty little liars, business proposal, abyss, boy meets world, manifest, mean girls, so not worth it, greys anatomy, gilmore girls, never have i ever, & more (cw)